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  • Teacher will give some topics or pictures.
  • Give them instructions how to proceed.

Short Speeches
  • Students may be give some easy topics
  • Prepare them in verbal or written from
  • Come to stage or deliver a lecture or speech for given time frame before the class.

Performance Activities

Students prepare himself beforehand and delivers a message to a group.Ex. Student's Speech

Participation Activities

Students participates in some communicative activity in a "natural setting". Ex. Discussion on some topics.

Type Of Class Activities

Language experts have organized oral skills into four distinctive types.

  1. Drills or linguistically structured activities
  2. Performance Activities
  3. Participation Activities
  4. Observation Activities

Investigative journalist is a classic pair work activity for a reason: it works!

It can be used in a variety of scenarios and tailored according tp specific grammer or vocabulary point that you have been reviewing in class.

The basis of investigative journalist is for students to interview one another in pair and present their finding. It can be used for groups at all skill levels from beginning to advanced as long as you tailor it to their levels.

Guess Who is a version of 20 questions that focuses entirely on pepole.

Students draw the name of a famous person out of a hat (you will need to prepare these slips in advance !) and their partner tries to guess who is on the paper by asking a series of yes / No Questions


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